Providing resources and support to the underserved
men, women, and youth in our community.

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Pathway From Boys To Men, Inc. &
Citizens Business Bank presents:

Financial Literacy 101
with Roevee Tisoy (AVP, Credit Officer) and Even Bollinger (AVP, Relationship Manager), Citizens Business Bank
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Thursday, June 23, 2022
Hours: 3pm to 4pm PDT

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Financial education is key to avoiding many of the challenges American families face today. Without this knowledge, people often find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, with crushing debt and lacking the savings to rise above their current circumstances. Pathway From Boys To Men Inc. Financial Literacy workshops will teach the importance of generational wealth and life-legacy planning.

Pathway From Boys to Men, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide resources and support to the underserved men, women, and youth in our community. Pathway's goal through its Careers Quest Program is to equip the community with the tools and resources needed to build towards a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

PFBTM services support the county of San Bernardino, which includes Fontana, Rialto, Colton, as well as the High Desert areas, Victorville, Apple Valley, and Hesperia.

2022 Scholarship Application is now avaible.
We are accepting applications from individuals of all ages, high school students included, who are enrolled or planning to enroll in trade school or college and would like to be consided for financial assistance.

Finanical Need Flyer

- This flyer may be distributed to any person who may be seeking an application for a small financial grant.

Financial Need Application - Call For Interview
- Please call 909-838-6408 for a phone interview.

Dear Board of Directors,
I would like to send a sincere "Thank You" to the entire group there at Pathway From Boys To Men. Although I have only met one of you (Diana Randolph), I am sure you all are just as pleasant and assuring as Diana.

I am a Retired Executive Secretary of 35 years from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I never thought I would be in need of Financial Assistance at this time of my life, but I found myself to be in desperate need of help. I have been in a 6+ year battle for my Service Connected Disability Retirement for which has left me with limited income. Trying to juggle a mortgage and basic home necesssitites was hard enough and then to add vehicle repairs on top of that really made things difficult and unbearable. I started searching on the internet for some type of help. I ran across a statement that said if in need of financial assistance call you local 211. I was then given the number for Pathway From Boys To Men. Not knowing if and how they would be able to help me, I was put in contact with Diana. She and I spoke back and forth for a few days and she not only pushed to help me with my car repairs, she also helped me with my HOA bill that I was behind on. I woke up the following morning to an email of approval. I immediately felt a big weight had been lifted and I can now breathe a sigh of relief. I am very grateful for this organization. I will be willing and able to pay it forward with any secretarial assistance I can offer.. Thank you all again for helping me in this time of need. It is very much appreciated. Have a blessed day, ~ SM

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